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Shenzhen KARDA Electric Co., Ltd. (KARDA for short), founded in 2002, is a high-tech business integrating the R&D, manufacturing and distribution of industrial automation products and products in the new energy field. Based on independent R&D and with “Focus on Challenges and Directions Customers Pay Attention to; Provide Customers with Integrated Solutions and Service Rapidly, and Create Maximum Value for Customers Sustainably” as mission, KARDA actively explores customer demands, improve customers’ core competitiveness and aspires to become a world-class supplier in the industrial automation and new energy fields.

KARDA Electric is a high-tech enterprise and double-soft enterprise, with proprietary intellectual property rights. Its products have passed the tests and certifications of national authorities, its many software copyrights have been registered and a dozen of intellectual property right certificates have been issued. KARDA invests a huge sum in the R&D of new technology and new product and launches a number of new products in the market every year. More than ten patents or software copyrights have been approved by related authorities.

KARDAR has mastered high-performance vector inverter technology, permanent magnet synchronous motors and other core platform technologies. The low-voltage frequency converter, medium-voltage frequency inverter and servo drive have been widely used in lifting, machine tools, metal products, electric wire and cable, plastic, printing packaging, textile chemical, building material, metallurgy, coal mining, municipal administration, automobile and other industries.

KARDA Electric will be in the concept of “Innovation, Strength, Technology”, the enterprise spirit of “Unity & Diligence, Hard Work & Struggle” and the quality policy of “Comprehensive Quality Management, Continuous Quality Improvement, Pursuit of Zero Defect” and provide excellent products for customers.


Contact: John Lee

Phone: +86-137 1702 7043

Tel: 0755-29707616


Add: 4th Building, No.68 Rongshu Road, Xixiang Street Bao'An District Shenzhen China.518102

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