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Can a 380V motor run on 220V

KD8000-ST series Single-phase 220V to three-phase 380V boost inverter

In general, most AC motors are three-phase 380V and cannot operate without three-phase power.

You can only find a way to convert single phase 220V to three phase 380V. However, many equipment on the market with single-phase 220V input, three-phase 380V output are very expensive, so that many users in need take a step back.

It is mainly suitable for the application site where there is only single-phase 220V mains power, and the motors on the market are three-phase 380V low-power AC motors.

Power range: 0.4kw~7.5kw, the power of the adapted motor should be one gear lower than the inverter. For example, 380V 1.5kw motor should choose 2.2kw, heavy load should choose 3.7kw inverter.

For example, a rotating buffet used in a restaurant, such as a bakery and a noodle machine, such as a residential area with constant pressure water supply, such as a small machine in a small industrial workshop. . . . Lots of applications on site. . . .

KARDA KD8000-ST series  1-phase 220V to 3-phase 380V VFD (frequency inverter) is a perfect solution to solve this problem.

Running a 3-phase 380V AC motor on a 220V single phase voltage for speed control is easy to be done, especially in some areas where there is no 380V power supply.

Our customized KD8000-ST series VFDs feature with 1hp to 20hp power rating, built-in RS485 communication interface, IP20 for body, V/F control mode.

Buy a best 220v-240v single phase input, 380v/ 400v/ 415v three phase output variable frequency drive at lower price now!



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