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2018 Spring Festival holiday notice

Dear customers:
Greetings! First of all, thank you for giving my company full support in 2017. At the dawn of the Spring Festival, all staff of KARDA ELectric wish you a happy New Year, happy family, good luck and good luck! ! !
Reference to the relevant provisions of the national holiday notice, the company decided to study the leadership, according to the actual situation of the company, now the company Spring Festival holiday arrangements are as follows:
February 6 to February 24, a total of 14 days off.
January 5 (Monday) Normal work.
February 25 (Sunday) Normal work.
I hope everyone can enjoy the Spring Festival at the same time, prepared materials for the dog every year to prepare for production. I hope all of you will continue to support the work of our company in the new year. May our cooperation be more ideal and our business will be more brilliant!



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