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VFD-M Series

  • KD8000-VFD-M Serie
  • KD8000-VFD-M Serie
  • KD8000-VFD-M Serie
KD8000-VFD-M SerieKD8000-VFD-M SerieKD8000-VFD-M Serie

KD8000-VFD-M Serie

  • Voltage: Single-phase 220V,3-Phase 380
  • Power: 0.75~7.5KW
  • Current: 2.1~17A
  • Size:8S1,8S2
  • Product description: VFD-M inverter cnc VFD,

KD8000 series is a mini high-quality multi-purpose inverter, using the industry's high-quality components, new materials and the latest microcomputer control technology, with professional and easy to use, energy efficient, safe, reliable, beautiful and durable, versatility and wide features.

KD8000 series are widely used in various low-power speed regulating environments such as textile machinery, mixing conveying machinery, machining, electronic manufacturing, paper making machinery, water pump, fan, plastic, woodworking machinery, escalator, ore machinery, printing machinery control, Especially in the chemical industry, petroleum, electricity, textile, municipal engineering, cement, mining, water treatment is more widely used.

KD8000 series inverter features
1, the whole design is compact, compact, easy to install and use;
2, support for V / F and no position sensor loss control;
3, the inverter master chip using Japanese motor DSP chip SVPWM control;
4, the core driver module adopts Japan Fuji IGBT; all electrolytic filter capacitors using high-frequency high-temperature Japanese Ruby capacitors;
5, software powerful, versatile, can be used for most mechanical equipment applications.
6, provide a variety of speed control interface 4-20Ma, 0-10V, external 8-speed control, standard MODBUS 485 communication.
7, AUTO PLC function, built-in PID function, swing frequency function, energy-saving operation, accumulated running time and other functions;
8, operation timeout automatically shut down
9, encoder disconnection, damage automatically shut down;
10, Absolute encoder communication error, automatic timeout protection;
11, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, over temperature, phase loss, overload and other protection features.

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