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KD530 series

  • KD530 Series-0.75-750kw
  • KD530 Series-0.75-750kw
  • KD530 Series-0.75-750kw
  • KD530 Series-0.75-750kw
KD530 Series-0.75-750kwKD530 Series-0.75-750kwKD530 Series-0.75-750kwKD530 Series-0.75-750kw

KD530 Series-0.75-750kw

  • Volt:1PH/3PH 220V,380V,690V
  • Power:0.75~750kw
  • Current:2.1~1500A
  • inverter
  • Product description: frequency inverter AC drives motor drives variador de frecuencia convertidores de frecuencia convertidor de frecuencia variadores ac Variateur de Fréquence convertisseurs de fréquence

1, Voltage and power range:

Single Phase 220V:0.4KW~7.5KW;
3-Phase 220V:0.4KW~220KW;
3-Phase 380V:0.75KW~750KW;

3-Phase 690V:55KW~750KW

2, excellent performance:
Multi-control mode: V / F, open-loop vector, open-loop torque control;
Open loop vector 0.3 Hz 150% Start torque, low speed high torque output, small torque ripple;
High speed stability, wide speed range;
Can identify the direction of the motor speed tracking start to achieve the motor start without impact;
Superior flux braking and current limiting function, to achieve rapid start and stop the motor, which greatly improves production efficiency;
External interference is small.

3, high ease of use:
Dedicated constant pressure water supply, hoist brake logic and master-slave control function parameter group, to achieve a machine multi-industry applications;
A key parameter setting, according to customer or industry development parameters set a key function, which greatly improve work efficiency and ease of use;
Instantaneous stop non-stop function and stop mode optional;
V / F completely separated or semi-isolated torque motor can achieve the pressure control;
Standard 485 communication function;
Support and provide user background monitoring software;
Support LED and LCD two kinds of keyboard automatic identification, and LCD can be achieved in the English, Chinese switching options;
High-precision and linearity of the analog input and output, accuracy up to 0.1%.

4, high reliability:
Full range of DC fan, sealed DC contactor, higher reliability and stability, can be directly used in EPS, DC inverter and other industries.

5, other:
The local keyboard can be used as external lead control, the keyboard gusset can be matched, the monitor lamp with no keyboard can be added.
Support through-wall installation mode
Compact structure, compared with the previous generation of products, the whole volume reduced by 20-50%;
Braking unit standard from the original 15KW extended to 22KW, optional range from 18-30KW extended to 30-93KW.

Mainly used in fan pumps, petrochemicals, air compressors, extruders, CNC machine tools, lifting machinery, textile machinery, plastic machinery, woodworking machinery, ceramic machinery, stone machinery and other industries.

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