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KD4000-1S Series

  • KD4000-1S 220v Single phase output
  • KD4000-1S 220v Single phase output
  • KD4000-1S 220v Single phase output
KD4000-1S 220v Single phase outputKD4000-1S 220v Single phase outputKD4000-1S 220v Single phase output

KD4000-1S 220v Single phase output

  • Voltage: 1-phase input&output
  • Power:0.4~2.2kw
  • Current: 2.1~10A
  • Size:145*125*88.2mm
  • Product description: The inverter is suitable for single-phase AC 220V input, single-phase output Widely used in 0.4 ~ 2.2kw single-phase AC motor speed. Use of the environment: Power: Single-phase AC220V ± 20% Motor:

Name: KD4000-1S Series 220V Single Inverter

Brand: KARDA
Model: KD4000-1S
Power range: 0.4 ~ 2.2kw

KD4000-1S series dedicated inverter is my company based on the majority of user requirements:

Low-cost, functional simplicity, practical, simple operation, simple shell, and design and production of a dedicated inverter.

Use range:
1. Single-phase fans, pumps, axial fans
2. Single-phase capacitor-start AC induction motor
Single into a single inverter product features
Single-in and single-out Inverter recommended single-phase motor (single-capacitor motor)
1. Input Power 1PH 220V (160V-250V); Output: 1PH 0-240V;
2. Dedicated motor control IC, voltage vector control, pure SVPWM output;
3. IPM module is power-driven core components, built-in over current, short circuit, over temperature
4. Five digital display, five status indicator (significant frequency, voltage, speed, counter, positive and negative state, fault, etc.);
5. Output frequency range from 0.1-400HZ, accuracy: 0.1HZ;
6. Analog input 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, 0 / 4-20mA;
7. Can be extended external digital operator panel;
8. X5, X6 multi-function input terminal can set a variety of start-stop mode: two-wire A, B mode, three-wire A, B mode;
9. X1-X4 multi-function input terminal can be combined 16-speed, 16-speed acceleration and deceleration time can be set independently;
10. User can set V / F curve arbitrarily, low frequency torque can be improved;
11. Multi-function relay output, to achieve the operation, the frequency of arrival, external abnormalities and other state relay output
12. Automatic voltage regulator, DC brake, PLC program control and other functions;
13 perfect protection: over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, over-temperature, output short-circuit protection;
14. Parameter password protection, limit the use of time, parameter recovery;
15. Can be customized according to user requirements equipment-specific inverter;

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