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KD300 series

  • Solar Pumping inverter
  • Solar Pumping inverter
Solar Pumping inverterSolar Pumping inverter

Solar Pumping inverter

  • Voltage: Single phase220v, three-phase 380V
  • DC volt:250-400V,400-800V
  • MPPT Control
  • AC/DC is aviable
  • Product description: Solar Pumping inverter The solar pump drive uses the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control program to improve the efficiency of solar energy systems.

Main features of KD300 solar pumping inverter

1. Low carbon economy
2. Build-in MPPT & CVT with high efficiency
3. Pump specific protection.
4. Best off grid solution
5. Perfect stable frequency output
6. Auto sleep & wake up run
7. Low frequency stop protection
8. Water level & alarm function
9. Minimum power & maximum current protection
10. Driving for PMSM & AM
11. Dry run protection
12. Flow & energy display

The solar pump drive uses the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control program to improve the efficiency of solar energy systems.

The output of the photovoltaic (PV) cell is proportional to its area and intensity, while the output voltage is limited by p-n junction from 0.6 to 0.7 V. Therefore when the output voltage is constant, output power is proportional to intensity and surface area.

The current and voltage at which the PV cell generates maximum power is known as the maximum power point.
The MPPT controller follows different strategies to derive the maximum power from the PV array. The internal MPPT algorithm is used to derive maximum power from the PV cell at any instant.

This is achieved by modifying the operating voltage or current in the PV cell until the maximum power is obtained.
When the output voltage is zero, the PV cells create short circuit current. If the PV cells are not connected to any load, the output voltage is equal to the open circuit voltage.

The maximum power point is obtained at the knee of the I-V curve. See the I-V characteristics shown below.

The I-V curve is not constant since intensity and temperature changes during day time. Under constant temperature, current changes linearly with intensity and voltage changes logarithmically with intensity. Since the voltage variation is small with respect to intensity changes, maximum power varies proportionally with intensity

KD300 series solar pump drive compatible with dual supply mode
The solar pump drive operates in dual supply mode either with a three phase input supply from the grid or with DC input supply from PV cells. A four-pole changeover switch enables switching between the two supply modes. At a given time only one supply (PV cell or grid) will be connected to the drive.

Note: Use two poles of the changeover switch in series to ensure that the voltage applied across each pole is half of the full DC voltage

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